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I always felt STUCK when it came to my love life (despite how successful I felt in every other area of my life!) until I unlocked my decision to be single by faith and this lead to me reaching all of my love life goals and walking into the calling and purpose that God has for me! 

I’ll be honest with you…

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

I went from a lonely, unhappy, depressed (highly educated & successful might I add!) 20-something-year-old who was very independent and driven to find love…

When I ended a long-term relationship in college, I really struggled to date again and find someone who was worth dating and loving. Even when I was “holding it down” for a man and proving my worth as a wifey-type woman, the relationship tips I was using didn’t feel right.

Once my last long-term relationship ended (aka he dumped me!) I decided to trust God with my love life. I prayed, “I trust You!” and decided to give God the wheel.

Two and a half years later, I was standing in front of my husband saying, “I do” to a church filled with my closest family members and friends.

Since then (ten years ago!) I have shared my faith-based relationship testimony across the world, published four books on prayer and Christian dating, and coached singles worldwide on how to focus on God first in order to focus on finding love in a man.

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps


RENEW your Relationship with God and take it to a deeper level

  • Learn how to pray, get to know and trust God deeper
  • Develop a worship lifestyle that draws you closer to God
  • Gain the confidence to follow God’s lead

REDESIGN your love life based on what God has shown you

  • Begin to live your ideal godly wife lifestyle NOW
  • Breakthrough your past pains to develop healthy boundaries and quality standards
  • Identify your version of a high-quality man of God

REDIRECT your love life experiences back to your faith

  • Develop the discernment to remain single or pursue dating
  • Learn how to incorporate God into your new relationships and dating experiences
  • Determine when God tells you it’s time to develop a relationship or dump it

Welcome to…

the single by faith society

Turn your existing faith and love life into a powerful faith-filled, fulfilling love life through a supportive and transformative online community!

Skip years of wandering in the single-life wilderness with guided support and a faith-filled online community!

7 Day Refund Guarantee

on the inside

What you’ll learn

Phase 1: Renew

Take your personal relationship with God to a deeper level.



Pray, Know, Trust, Confide

…so that you can let go of past hurts, traumas, and grow comfortable with personally knowing, leaning, and submitting to God’s leadership


Worship to Pursue

..using various forms of worship that speak to your unique passions and allow you express your whole self to creat a whole-hearted worship experience


Confidence to Go Deeper

…using fasting, Bible-study, and non-legalistic forms of relationship building to solidify your trust, hope, and assurance in God’s plan over your love life

Phase 2: Redesign

Redesign your love life based on what God has shown you.



Living Your Wife-Life

… using the desires God has already given you to create the lifestyle that will bring you peace, purpose, and love


Values, Boundaries, Expectations

… so that you know how to move forward with a high-quality man who’s worthy of your time and attention


High-Quality Man of God

…so that who you date reflects the qualities of God while also having the potential to progress toward a God-honoring relationship

Phase 3: Redirect

Redirect your love life experiences back to your faith and what God has already shown you.



"Waiting & Willing"

… using your God-given discernment to know when to wait and choose singleness or when to confidently step back into the dating scene


Incorporate God into New Relationship

… without compromising your relationship with God or scaring off your new love interest


Dump or Develop

… so that your heart stays guarded and in alignment with God’s plan for you to find the best love for your life

Get instant access to

All of these resources

the inner circle


Connect with like-minded people that are on the same journey.

Get continuous support and all your questions around faith-building, singleness and dating & relationships answered.

Get an inside peek of what is working for others and help implement it (because iron sharpens iron, sis!).

Including coaches for accountability, relationship support & spiritual guidance!

And… Live group sessions every week!

week 2: masterclass


Enhance Your Current On-Demand Trainings

… by gaining new teachings & resources each month geared to take your current lessons deeper!


Gain New Bonus Resources Each Season

… so that you can continue to learn, grow, and develop a “Single By Faith” season!


Replays Available For An Entire Year

…so that you can revisit past lessons and take your time to adapt them into your single season when you need them.

Week 1: Prayer Hour


Carve Time Each Month to Pray

…so that you can get closer to God and become more comfortable praying consistently.


Develop Different Prayer Styles

… using various forms of guided prayer themes each month to help you stretch your prayer life.


Gain Support to Go Further

… each Prayer Hour ends with group discussion to share testimonies, ask questions, and learn how to overcome any prayer struggles!

week 3: worship night


Gain Consistent Moments with God

… using the monthly Worship hour to pour into God and develop a lifestyle that meets with God regularly.


Incorporate New Worship Styles

… using themed worship nights to help you experience new ways to worship while discovering your favorite worship style!


Gain Insight from Others

… so that you can share your concerns, ask questions, or encourage yourself to take your worship experience deeper.

week 4: group coaching


Share Your Most Current Faith & Love Life Concerns

… so that you get realtime advice, feedback and direction for your current season.


Gain Accountability & Expert Advice

… with a Christian Relationship Coach to help you stay focused and on track with your God-aligned goals.


Receive Feedback from Other Society Sisters

…so that you can share experiences and lessons from someone who is walking in the same season as you and shares the same faith and mindset to grow and find love!

Plus these amazing bonuses!

Action Taker Bonus #1

Action Taker Bonus #2

60-Min 1:1 Private Onboarding Coaching session

Meet with me at the start of your Single By Faith Society journey for a one-on-one coaching session!

Receive specific guidance on how to navigate the Society based on your current struggles and needs!

Gain ongoing check-marks based on the practical steps outlined from this session!

Get ahead of how to set up your season so that you don't feel overwhelmed, confused, or left behind!

Join the discipleship level now and you’ll get instant access to:

Get 9 on-demand video trainings

Worksheets, Journals, Planners, and more supplemental tools & resources

Six additional mindset videos & resources to focus on adjusting your beliefs BEFORE AND AFTER the standard trainings

1 Monthly LIVE Prayer Hour session

1 Monthly Masterclass with an Industry Leader (with replay vault!)

1 Monthly LIVE Worship Night session

1 Monthly LIVE Group Coaching call

Video & Written Tech Support

Exclusive Access to prayer, self-love, and fasting challenges throughout the year

You'll have more attention from me (to a point where never ever somebody would get this much access to me and attention from me for this price).

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7 day refund guarantee

Total Value = $2,995

Today’s Member Price = Only $49

This is like joining a group coaching program, a spiritual mentorship, and a self-guided online course – for a fraction of the usual cost!

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Add "The Single Women's Prayer Book" To Your Order For Just $7!

Enhance your prayer with a digital copy of my book, “The Single Woman’s Prayer Book”! A prayer journal designed to help you develop your prayer life in your single season! Download instantly for just $7!

What members say

Testimonials from my Society sisters

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am a new Christian and I’m just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A: Yes, this can work for you. This will certainly help you strengthen your faith as you learn how to look for love.

Q: I’ve been dating for a while. Will I still find value?

A: Yes, this solution will work particularly well for you. It’s a great way to finally get real answers and feedback from God while also enhancing your spiritual growth.

 Q: Can I wait and join later?

A: This offer is only available to you for 24 hours and I am only extending it to you because you expressed interest enough to join the waitlist. Once the 24 hrs runs out, you won’t be able to join again until I decide to reopen its doors.

Q: How much support is included?

A: There is 24h written support included (Mon-Fri) which means that you will get all your questions answered within our members-only support group within 1-2 business days. (Weekends and holidays will be observed and all questions will be addressed upon return.)

Q: Can I cancel the membership?

A: Yes, you can cancel this membership any time.

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to our inner society group within 24 hours.

Q: Does this only work for Christians?

A: Due to the teachings, nature, and beliefs of this model setup, this Society will only work for Christian women who believe in God as a triune God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

Furthermore, the teachings provided in this Society are taught in a non-denominational format, pointing all faiths and practices toward a non-legalistic and spiritually-driven path toward finding love and excelling in relationships.

Q: I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

A: No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don’t need to be good with tech or buy any software. You will, however, need to have access to Facebook in order to gain the full community experience!

Q: I don’t have a whole lot of relationship or dating experience yet. Will this still work for me?

A: YES! In fact, this will actually better prepare you for when you believe it’s God’s timing to step out into the dating scene or get into a relationship.

Q: I don’t have my prayer life and Bible-study skills altogether yet. Is that a problem?

A: Nope. This society to going to empower you to develop a lifestyle where those things become strong, exciting, and a part of your natural lifestyle. Plus, all of the teachings will be broken down for all Christians at all levels can understand and apply them!


the single by faith society

Turn your existing faith and love life into a powerful faith-filled, fulfilling love life through a supportive and transformative online community!

7 Day Refund Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: I’m so convinced that you will love the Single By Faith Society and the relationship you start building with yourself and God right from day one that I am backing this with a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

Hop in the group, check it out for seven days and if it doesn’t feel like a right fit for you, simply email SUPPORT at: and I will refund your money. After seven days, you can cancel at any time.

This is a monthly membership and you can also cancel at any time. Your membership will end at the end of its billing period.




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